【Fit】Fit Flight Pro 3pcs [Type-S]

【Fit】Fit Flight Pro 3pcs [Type-D]

【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ① [Standard]

【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ② [Shape]

【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ③ [Teardrop]
【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ④ [SuperShape]
【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ⑧ [Rocket]
【Fit】Fit Flight 6pcs ⑨ [W Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR 3pcs ② [Shape]

【Fit】Fit Flight AIR 3pcs ④ [SuperShape]

【Fit】Fit Flight AIR 3pcs ⑤ [Kite]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR 3pcs ⑥ [Super Slim]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR 3pcs ⑦ [F Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Chris White 3 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Chris White 3 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Darius LABANAUSKAS [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Darius LABANAUSKAS [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Darin Young 3 [Shape/Super Slim]

【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Darin Young 特價200元
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Howei Tsai 蔡子豪 [Shape/Superkite]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x KAZUMI YAMAZAKI [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight x FB Leung 2
【Fit】Fit Flight × Marlise Kiel [Shape/Standard]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Paula Murphy2 [Standard / Teardrop]
【Fit】Fit Flight x PUPO TENG LIEH [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR×星野理繪 5 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Robin Curry
【Fit】Fit Flight × Royden Lam 3 [Shape/SuperKite]

【Fit】Fit Flight AIR × Royden Lam 3 [Shape/SuperKite]

【Fit】Fit Flight×荏隈秀一 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight×荏隈秀一 2 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR×荏隈秀一 2 [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR × Juggler 松本康壽 [Shape/Standard]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Printed Botanical
【Fit】Fit Flight x Printed Lion

【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Printed Botanic
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Printed Lion

【Fit】Fit Flight x Purple Blue Pattern [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight x Shades of Black [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Purple Blue Pattern [Shape]
【Fit】Fit Flight AIR x Shades of Black [Shape]
【Fit】GEAR Hybrid Spin

【Fit】GEAR Hybrid Lock

【Fit】GEAR Normal Spin

【Fit】GEAR Normal Lock

【Fit】GEAR Slim Spin

【Fit】GEAR Slim Lock

【Fit】 TITANIUM Burnt Color

【Fit】Super Duralumin Normal
【Fit】Super Duralumin Slim
【Cosmo】Fit Point 2BA METAL / Ti & SUS/ Solid
【Cosmo】Fit Point 2BA METAL / Ti & SUS / Spiral


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